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transfere ordination

Discussion in 'Questions about Anglicanism' started by maci75, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. maci75

    maci75 New Member

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    My question is:
    Is there any rule in the canon law about transfere ordination to Church of England?
    In other word is it possible to became an anglican priest to a pentecostal (Assemblies of God) educated (BA and MA in Theology) pastor.
    On top of that what if this man lives outside the UK (Eu.).
    Thanks the answers:)
  2. Symphorian

    Symphorian Well-Known Member

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    Anglican, CofE

    From Pentecostal Pastor to Priest in the Church of England......No, it would not be possible to simply 'transfer'. There are many Churches worldwide that are part of the Anglican Communion. The Assemblies of God are not part of the Anglican Communion and his ordination as an Assemblies of God Pastor would not be recognized. If he is discerning ordination to the Anglican Priesthood, he would need to speak with an Anglican priest for further advice.

    From Church of England Canons:

    C 1 Of holy orders in the Church of England
    1. The Church of England holds and teaches that from the apostles' time there have been these orders in Christ's Church: bishops, priests, and deacons; and no man shall be accounted or taken to be a lawful bishop, priest, or deacon in the Church of England, or suffered to execute any of the said offices, except he be called, tried, examined, and admitted thereunto according to the Ordinal or any form of service alternative thereto approved by the General Synod under Canon B 2, authorized by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York under Canon C 4A or has had formerly episcopal consecration or ordination in some Church whose orders are recognized and accepted by the Church of England.

    C 4 Of the quality of such as are to be ordained deacons or priests
    1. Every bishop shall take care that he admit no person into holy orders but such as he knows either by himself, or by sufficient testimony, to have been baptized and confirmed, to be sufficiently instructed in Holy Scripture and in the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Church of England, and to be of virtuous conversation and good repute and such as to be a wholesome example and pattern to the flock of Christ.

    Anglican Communion Website:


    Church of England Canons:

  3. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

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    Franciscan - Anglican
    That is pretty much the same as the Anglican Church of Australia canon.
  4. maci75

    maci75 New Member

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    This is more than interesting.
    As far as I know The Episcopal Church is open for ordained clergy (not in the Historic Succession).
    So First time I have to be episcopal priest, after I can transfer my ordination to the Church of England?
    Am I rigth? Isn't it a little bit funny? Is there a little bit :) more direct way?:)

    The Episcopal Church's CANON LAW III.10.3.
    Sec. 4. Clergy Ordained in Churches Not in the Historic Succession
    (a) If a person ordained or licensed by other than a Bishop in the
    Historic Succession to minister in a Church not in communion with
    this Church desires to be ordained,
    (1) The person must first be a confirmed adult communicant
    in good standing in a Congregation of this Church;
    (2) The Commission shall examine the applicant and report
    to the Bishop with respect to:
    (i) Whether the applicant has served in the previous
    Church with diligence and good reputation and
    has stated the causes which have impelled the
    applicant to leave the body and seek ordination
    in this Church,
    (ii) The nature and extent of the applicant's
    education and theological training,
    (iii) The preparations necessary for ordination to the
    Order(s) to which the applicant feels called;
    (3) The provisions of Canon III.5,6, and 8 shall be followed
    except that the minimum period of Candidacy need not
    apply, if the Bishop and the Standing Committee at the
    recommendation of the Commission judge the Candidate
    to be ready for ordination to the Diaconate earlier than
    twelve months; the applicant shall be examined by the
    Commission and show proficiency in the following
    (i) Church History: the history of the Anglican
    Church and the Episcopal Church in the United
    States of America,
    (ii) Doctrine: the Church's teaching as set forth in
    the Creeds and in An Outline of the Faith,
    commonly called the Catechism;
    (iii) Liturgics: the principles and history of Anglican
    worship; the contents of the Book of Common
    (iv) Practical Theology:
    (a) The office and work of a Deacon and
    Priest in this Church,
    (b) The conduct of public worship,
    (c) The Constitution and Canons of the
    General Convention, and of the Diocese in
    which the applicant is resident,
    (d) The use of voice in reading and speaking;
    Procedures for making application.
    Exceptions to
    (v) The points of Doctrine, Discipline, Polity, and
    Worship in which the Church from which the
    applicant has come differs from this Church.
    This portion of the examinations shall be
    conducted, in part at least, by written questions
    and answers, and the replies kept on file for at
    least three years.
    (4) If all the requirements of this Canon have been fulfilled,
    the Bishop may ordain the Candidate a Deacon, but may
    do so no sooner than twelve months after the Candidate
    became a confirmed communicant of this Church. No
    sooner than six months thereafter, the Candidate may be
    ordained a Priest at the Bishop's discretion. At the time
    of such ordination the Bishop shall read this preface
    following the signing of the declaration of conformity:
    The Ecclesiastical Authority of this Diocese is
    satisfied that A.B. accepts the Doctrine,
    Discipline, and Worship of this Church and now
    desires to be ordained a Deacon (or ordained a
    Priest) in this Church. We are about to confer
    upon A.B. the grace and authority of Holy Orders
    as this Church has received them and requires
    them for the exercise of the ministry of a Deacon
    (or a Priest).
    In such cases, the ordination certificate shall contain
    the words:
    Acknowledging the ministry which A.B. has
    already received and hereby adding to that
    commission the grace and authority of Holy
    Orders as understood and required by this Church
    for the exercise of the ministry of a Deacon (or a
    (5) Following reception or ordination each clergy person
    shall be assigned a mentor Priest by the Bishop in
    consultation with the Commission on Ministry. The
    mentor and clergy person shall meet regularly to provide
    the clergy person an opportunity for guidance,
    information, and a sustained dialogue about ministry in
    the Episcopal Church.
    CANON 11: Of the Ordination of Bishops
  5. Symphorian

    Symphorian Well-Known Member

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    Anglican, CofE
    The point is, as an ordained Pastor in the Assemblies of God, you would have to be re-ordained (ordained outright) according to the rites of the Church of England or the Episcopal Church. It is not simply a matter of transferring immediately as an ordained minister into the Church of England (or Episcopal Church) which is what your initial question implied. Your ordination as an Assemblies of God Pastor would not be recognized, hence the need for ordination according to the rites of the Church of England or the Episcopal Church. The process is going to take time.

    Your academic qualifications and present/previous role as an ordained Assemblies of God Pastor may well be taken into account by the Church of England but you really need to discuss this with a Church of England Priest in the first instance. Each Diocese in the Church of England has specific personnel responsible for training and ministry. Do you reside in England, at least part of the time? The Parish Priest where you worship would be able to set things in motion.

    Church of England Diocesan links:

  6. Scottish Monk

    Scottish Monk Well-Known Member

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    Welcome to our Anglican forums. Out of curiosity, why do you feel led to become an Anglican churchman?

    ...Scottish Monk
  7. maci75

    maci75 New Member

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    Scottish Monk

    - Fisrtly: The books of Rev. John Stott. "I believe in Preaching" was my first book from Him...
    - Secondly: The Alpha Course from HTB church, which is an anglican church
    - 1,5 half year ago I saw in the TV the roayl wedding ceremony of William and Kate. The liturgy deeply touched my soul.
    - So I keep on searching about BCP and about anglicanism.....
    Gordon and Scottish Monk like this.
  8. Scottish Monk

    Scottish Monk Well-Known Member

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    Thank you for sharing your interest in the Anglican church of Hungary. According to some on the websites on the Internet, the main Anglican church in Hungary is St. Margaret's Anglican Episcopal Church, which is located in Budapest. As suggested above, I think you should contact the Priest at St. Margaret's. Here is the contact information from the church's Facebook page.

    St. Margaret's Anglican Episcopal Church
    Almassy u 6
    Budapest, Hungary
    Phone 011 36 20 269 5161

    And a little about the church from the Facebook page.

    Sunday service 1030am at Almassy u 6. Saint Margaret's is the Anglican Episcopal Church and Community of Budapest, Hungary.
    Our 10.30am Sunday service is the Holy Eucharist in contemporary English and with music and sermon. Baptised Christians are welcome to receive Communion. We also have an excellent Sunday School which convenes during the service.
    Address and Directions: Almássy u. 6, 1077 Budapest, Hungary. The church is easy to find: Take the 4 or 6 tramline to Blaha Lujza ter and walk east along Dohany ut to Almassy ut.
    Our priest is the Revd. Dr. Frank Hegedus. He welcomes hearing from you and reminds you to "like" us.
    Our dedication is to Saint Margaret of Scotland who was born in Hungary in the eleventh century.

    Here is a link to a map location of St. Margaret's in Budapest.

    May the peace of the Lord be with you as you continue to seek his will for your life.

    ...Scottish Monk

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