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    N Ireland
    Traditional RomanCatholic
    Society of Eastern Rite Anglicanism. Stumbled on their website and have two questions: 1, Why? 2, Does it have legs?
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    1: An infatuation with liturgical experimentation. Some members fancy themselves hesychasts.

    2: No. SERA was formed by some US Episcopalians. I would argue that the stance of TEC is incompatible with the theology contained in the liturgies of St. Basil and St. Crysostom. TEC is looking at revising their prayer book next year but, true or perhaps caricatured, that is mostly thought to be an effort to go gender neutral and standardize queer liturgies and other novelties.

    As for the ACNA, I have encountered many of their priests who are interested in or even dabble in Eastern liturgy but most who get really serious go East. However, SERA is adamant that member congregations and dioceses be under the oversight of Anglican Communion jurisdictions. You may have noticed on the website they only have two affiliate congregations: one in California and one in New Zealand. Then there are a couple of military chaplains involved. The website itself has not added much content since 2013.

    What does happen a bit more is priests serve the Liturgy of St. Tikhon, which is the EO attempt at a Western Rite in English. This is especially seen among military chaplains, who get very little oversight and can largely do what they want from week to week in their base chapel.

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